Aubrey Jones

Head of Talent Advisement & Success Partner

Throughout Aubrey’s career in recruiting, law, and education, she has maintained a core passion for relationship building. She loves to meet people, listen deeply, and create mutually rewarding connections.

Aubrey joined Leverage to Lead as Head of Talent Advisement & Success Partner working in executive legal recruiting. She has always loved the interaction, networking, and deep intentional work of creating and nurturing partnerships. As an extrovert, she thrives on the people-facing work of recruiting. As a Black woman who has worked across many professional settings, she knows what it’s like to be The Only, forever hoping that the next career stage might be different, more supportive, or more open to doing the crucial inner work needed to protect diversity and ensure equity and inclusion.

At Leverage to Lead, she is excited to help women and people of color advance their careers in spaces that allow them to show up as their full selves. For our client organizations seeking exceptional and diverse talent, she will help clarify their values-based commitments to DEI as well as strong support structures that help all of their people thrive.

She holds a JD from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and a BA in Religious Studies and Political Science from Allegheny College. Currently based in the greater D.C. area, she enjoys exploring the city and its many exciting restaurants, reading, baking, and watching movies. She is also currently the board chair of Acelero Learning Camden/Philadelphia, an early education program that is close to her heart and her roots in education, whose mission is to close the achievement gap while strengthening families and communities.