Kendall Roberts

Program Manager, Learning & Development

Kendall manages our Human-Centered Practices Certification Program. Alongside our Learning & Development team, she uses her experience in counseling, facilitation, curriculum development, and program management to train and certify facilitators to present Leverage to Lead workshops to colleagues in their organizations. She also coaches facilitators as they expand their skills of listening, engagement, and feedback. Her professional foundation lies in social work and counseling, where her core competencies encompass fostering environments that are both secure and inclusive. She excels in creating spaces that encourage individuals to delve into their narratives, embrace their emotions, and authentically express themselves. Kendall firmly believes in reshaping the concept of holding professional spaces, enabling open and constructive dialogues regarding power dynamics, race, and equity. Additionally, her expertise extends to program development and the cultivation of healing practices that foster connections and community building. She is passionate about assisting individuals as they collectively learn and explore innovative approaches to navigate the professional realm. Based in Northern California, Kendall cherishes exploring new places through travel, indulging in culinary pursuits, venturing into the outdoors through hiking and camping, and engaging in hands-on creative endeavors.