Nick Obando

Program Manager, Learning & Development

Nick began his career in education, bringing his love of music to students and SEED facilitation to fellow educators. In his role at Leverage to Lead, Nick connects several key learnings from music education to equity work. Performing music and creating equitable workplaces both require deep listening, responsiveness and adaptiveness, and constant development of one’s authentic self.

One area Nick is especially passionate about is identity work and storytelling, because he’s seen the transformation that happens when we simply listen to our stories. He shares about the intersectionality of his own identity—race, ethnicity, gender, language, family, and more—to help others connect their personal and professional identities, show up fully in every space, and leverage their difference. Helping clients see, own, connect, and express the various parts of their identity is how Nick grounds his work.

Based in northern California, Nick enjoys spending time with his family, running, and playing saxophone.