Quise Rodriguez

Leadership Coach and Facilitator 

Raised in a family of educators and DEI practitioners, Quise learned early on to notice who is silent at the table and who is missing. Throughout her career as an educator, school administrator, and DEI consultant, her work has been centered on eliminating barriers to opportunity and creating inclusive spaces for all voices.

As a Leadership Coach and Facilitator, Quise models showing up fully and authentically human, and invites others to do the same while engaging in the hard work of values excavation and DEI learning blocks. In helping clients embrace this kind of vulnerability, she facilitates deepening connections and building empathy while learning. Quise believes these human connections are foundational for shifting a company culture because when we know, directly or empathetically, what bias and disenfranchisement feel like, we will critically examine and change the harmful structures that impact us all.

Born and raised in Oakland, California, Quise enjoys spending time with and cooking for her family, and hiking with her girlfriend and dogs.