Our differences are the bedrock of innovation.

Going Beyond “Best Practices”

Through in-depth research of history, industry practices, and developing trends, we bring to light the many kinds of hidden issues that can hinder collaboration and success.

It’s not until we can see previously invisible structures, bias, and obstacles that we can truly contend with their repercussions.

True diversity, equity, and inclusion require us to go beyond organizational “best practices” and get to the heart of building policies, practices, and relationships that have a powerful impact on individuals, teams and the organization’s entire ecosystem.

Organizations we consult with are:

  • Committed to cultivating diversity and building teams that reflect a range of ages, religions, experiences, nationalities, ethnicities, and gender identities.
  • Committed to building and living the values, beliefs, and commitments required for a more equitable and inclusive work culture.
  • Ready to hold crucial and productive conversations with deep listening, design and enact DEI initiatives and accountability structures, and co-create a reflective workplace culture.

We believe when differences are seen, valued, and leveraged in organizations they serve as the bedrock of innovation.

Organizational Change Leadership

Teams walk away from our work, ready to take the immediate and on-going action that sustains the health and integrity of organizational diversity at every level within the organization.

We Work in Phases

Articulate Your Values

We start by knowing what matters to you. Together, we’ll excavate the organization’s core values. 

Identify the Gap

Do the values align with what teams and individuals are seeing, hearing and feeling at work? We’ll bridge that gap.

Determine the Path

We’ll design a plan to bring organizational values and actions into alignment and live the values everyday.