Create the Career YOU Want

This is the moment you decide

You have all the right degrees from the right schools. You have made all the “right” moves. You’ve put in the time and demonstrated results.

And yet, you’re feeling stuck.

If you’ve found Leverage to Lead, it’s likely that your career has come to a turning point.

Our career strategists and leadership coaches understand your path because we’ve walked it.

We know you need to make a decision about a few things. Including:

  • How to remain fulfilled in your current role
  • What to do about the bias, disenfranchisement, and toxic work culture
  • Whether you should seek advancement or change firms
  • If it’s time to forge a new partnership, strike out on your own, or seize a big opportunity

This decision isn’t clear or easy.

We’ll show you how to stop fitting in, and start identifying how your difference is the key to your continued success.

We can help you:

Gain clarity on current position

Are you fulfilled, safe, free to be yourself, valued, fairly compensated?

Build strategies

For advancement and increased compensation

Build audacity

Learn how to leverage your value, your difference, and ask for what you want.

“Following the rules hasn’t gotten me anywhere. As I listened to other women of color, they too followed the rules, but were struggling, burnt out, overlooked for promotions, consistently told they’re not enough. I was working tirelessly for people who wouldn’t pay me or listen to me. Jennifer helped me let go of a toxic job, assert my value and get paid fairly for my value.”

Dédé T.

Connect with us to move forward.