Diversity is not a problem to be solved

We partner with leaders & organizations to create the safety, high standards, & trust that leverage diversity & transform workplace cultures.

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Do you recognize these leadership challenges?

  • You want everyone to work together, but are struggling with interpersonal conflict within your organization.
  • You have company values, but your employees don’t embody them.
  • You just want your employees to do their job, but they complain about a lack of clear roles and responsibilities.
  • You want collaboration, but your employees are working in silos.
  • Your leaders desire quick fixes, but overlook the value of grappling with difficult decisions.
  • You are making the effort to hire for representation, but People of Color and women continue to leave.
  • Your younger employees are asking you to take a social justice stand, but you don’t want to wade into politics.
  • You have hired multiple Directors of DEI, but retention remains a challenge.

Everyone has biases

Without proactive measures to disrupt the status quo, conscious and unconscious biases will continue to shape your company culture.

The consequences are predictable:

  • Valued employees continue to leave.
  • The company stays trapped in repetitive, distracting cycles of crisis management.
  • Revenue and profitability suffer with time spent managing employee discontent.
  • Leadership becomes a burden.
everyone has biases
Changing the future

The future of equitable work

Big things can happen when you reframe DEI as partnership and connection.

Imagine a workplace where individuals don’t just fit in but truly belong.

A place where safety and trust foster innovation, creativity, and heightened contributions.

Your whole company can be a place where everyone is engaged in doing their best work.


“Without a doubt, Jen is my secret weapon for success in the workplace.”

Evelyn K.

This work is hard

At Leverage to Lead, we don’t ask clients to do anything that we haven’t done or continuously doing ourselves.

We know first-hand what it means to practice the self-awareness, risk-taking, and disruption required to go beyond punishment and reward and create a sense of belonging. This is ongoing work for us, and our company is where we develop our prototypes for disruption.

We have partnered with hundreds to do the same.

We’ve guided organizations from cultures of fear and conformity to environments that welcome and leverage differences. Our tools empower organizations to engage with diversity, not shy away from it.

Our approach transcends industries.

Our focus is on people, not sectors. We’ve made a difference in diverse fields, including:

  • Software
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Arts
  • Retail
  • Law Firms
  • National Parks
  • Strategic Planning
  • Community Housing
  • Religious Institutions
  • Environmental Justice
  • Business Management

How we partner with you


Introductory Meeting

We get to know each other and begin our relationship.


Initial Processing Sessions

We work to understand your leadership’s perspective on the current culture via one-on-one and small group sessions.


Strategy and Advisement Session

A two-hour session to define your challenges and chart the way forward. Our goal is to design a strategy complete with priorities, timeline, and approach.


The Journey

Our ongoing support is tailored to your organization’s unique challenges. We’ll guide you on the path to long-term change, ensuring that partnership, connection, and accountability become cornerstones of your culture.

Begin your transformation toward a more inclusive and equitable workplace where diversity can thrive.