The Future of Equitable Work

A Human-Centered Leadership Intensive

We are leading through an extraordinary amount of change.

Our cultural, political, and technological landscapes have never changed as much or as fast as they are now. It’s no wonder people are seeking stability and psychological safety, and looking to leaders to provide both as we navigate all the uncertainties of our culture and our institutions.


All the while, leaders must hold multiple priorities:

Make decisions that ensure profitability and a healthy workplace culture.

Manage team dynamics, generational differences, and interpersonal conflicts.

Hire, grow, expand, and retain.

Increase and leverage diversity.

Create a culture of partnership, safety, and belonging.

Build systems and structures that help people do their best work.


In order to navigate all these needs, we can’t keep doing what we’ve been doing.

The old model of leadership isn’t working. Our socialization traps us with rigid, inhumane expectations: Leaders need to know all the answers, do everything themselves, and do it perfectly.

What we really need is a way to show up authentically, trust ourselves, and lean on our values through change, uncertainty, and difficult decision-making.


Becoming The Leader You Are

In The Future of Equitable Work, Leverage to Lead’s four-part leadership intensive, we are creating a space for leaders to:

Define and embrace your leadership identity;

Reflect on your story and where you want to go from here; and

Dig into tools and practices to help you lead with authenticity, integrity, clear values, purpose, and joy.

We’re inviting you to our interactive, facilitated sessions, where we will reframe what it means to lead because leadership already looks like you.

And we will move forward together with compassion, permission to be human, space to evolve, and a supportive community. 


Program Highlights

    • Four 2-hour interactive and facilitated sessions dedicated to your leadership identity, values, goals, and challenges, and designed to help you dig deep, reflect, plan, and implement.
    • Topics include how to maintain profitability AND healthy workplace cultures for your employees; how to navigate generational differences and age diversity; how emotions and power impact your decision-making; how to build a culture of partnership between leaders and employees; and much more.
    • Sign up for any individual sessions or all four in the series (Series 1 runs April-July; Series 2 runs August-November).
      • A community of leaders to build relationships and networks, and offer support, insight, and experience.
      • Workbook, handouts, session slides, and other tangible takeaways to fuel your ongoing development.
      • Time and space to grapple with complex problems, ongoing changes, decision-making, and discovering your unique leadership identity.
      • Exploration of Human-Centered Practices that help us align with our values and continue to grow and learn.
      • Navigating with the Leader’s Helm, a tool to see your organization holistically and understand how six integrated components impact your company’s culture.
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    ***Please note dates are tentative and subject to change until our participant roster is finalized.***


    Date Session Description

    Series 1: April 30, 2024


    Series 2: TBD 2024-2025

    Session 1: Human First: How Values Shape Your Leadership

    Leaders are humans first.

    Together, we’ll delve into your leadership identity, strengths, and story to articulate what unique combination of experiences, skills, and values you offer. Because if you know who you are and how you got here, you can move forward and lead with intention, and you can get the support you need from an organization that values your particular strengths and perspective. And you can free yourself from the socialization that leaders need to know everything, do everything, and do it right all the time.

    Series 1: May 28, 2024


    Series 2: TBD 2024-2025


    Session 2: Age Matters: Navigating Multi-Generational Workplaces and Leveraging Age Diversity

    How do we lead across generational differences, and their varying communication styles, world views, conflict management skills, feedback expectations, and values?

    We can leverage age diversity by understanding how our perspectives and expectations can be shaped by the events, political climate, and technology of our generation. We can build awareness and inner agility to disrupt age bias. And we can build structures that enable and support people’s agency to hold responsibility and create their own safety.

    Series 1: June 25, 2024


    Series 2: TBD 2024-2025

    Session 3: Yes to Both: Profitability AND Culture

    Our responsibility to run a profitable organization is immense. Under the intensity of this pressure, we can let our socialization and biases run our decision-making and distance us from our values.

    In this session, we’ll disrupt the belief that values and profitability are in contradiction. We can be profitable AND equitable, fiscally responsible AND inclusive. And we’ll challenge the scarcity mindset that can cause leaders to make decisions that undermine profitability. Your people are your biggest financial investment, and leading your team with Human-Centered Practices is the biggest profit move you can make.

    Series 1: July 30, 2024


    Series 2: TBD 2024-2025

    Session 4: Feel, Think, Act: Emotions, Power, and Values-Aligned Decision-Making

    We are conditioned to believe emotions don’t belong at work, let alone in our leaders. But emotions are present and impacting our leadership. 

    In this session, we connect emotional awareness and inner agility to making values-aligned decisions, rather than decisions that retain our comfort. We’ll navigate holding our power responsibly, creating boundaries, giving others agency, and developing a thriving workplace culture of partnership that is sustainable and fulfilling for all.


    Ready to Start?

    Your Faciltators

    Leverage To Lead
    Leverage To Lead
    Leverage To Lead

    Jennifer McClanahan

    Founder & CEO of Leverage to Lead

    MJ Mathis

    Managing Director of Learning & Development

    Kim Ho

    Chief Human Resources & Impact Officer

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