Values-Aligned Leadership

At Leverage to Lead, we believe that how you do a thing matters just as much as the thing you do. With that in mind, these leadership sessions will prioritize connection and relationship building, as we work together to redefine the vision of your leadership team.

We provide the structures and tools necessary for your leadership team to identify dynamics that may currently be invisible.

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For Leaders and Leadership Teams

  • Support through leadership transitions and departures, especially of founders


  • Help with navigating changes and solidifying a new leadership vision as a team


  • Connecting leaders with completed Values Excavation, Exploration, and/or Evolution work


  • Change management partnership through small and big transformations

These whole group and individual sessions will also allow for the imagination critical to leadership in alignment with collective and personal values.

Together, we will practice ways of being that go beyond getting along and doing good work together, and prioritize healthy conflict and the innovation that arises from our differences.

These sessions will culminate with each participant building the capacity for healthy risk-taking and collaboration. Each leader will deepen their understanding of how their identity impacts their leadership, and how to hold their identity and power responsibly.


Additional Leadership Topics


  • Human-Centered Practices for Leaders 

  • Managing across generational differences and leveraging age diversity

  • Understanding and leveraging your leadership identity and style

  • Connecting and aligning with completed Values Work

  • Making values-aligned decisions

  • Leading through uncertain and changing cultural landscapes

  • Managing interpersonal conflicts with Inner Agility

  • How to create equitable and inclusive working agreements

  • Challenging Harmful Beliefs and Reframing What It Means to Be a Leader

  • Leading with Vulnerability and Embracing Your Humanity

  • How to build a core team

  • How to establish and support DEI committees and taskforces

  • How to design and implement supportive meeting structures

  • How to facilitate regular and supportive team onboarding

Leverage To Lead

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