Workshop Development & Facilitation

If you are committed to creating an equitable and inclusive space, but unsure where to begin, we offer co-created workshops and other facilitated experiences with our learning blocks tailored to your team and your goals.

Leverage To Lead

At Leverage to Lead, we believe that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion require:

Psychological Safety

A culture of respect and openness where it’s not risky to raise ideas or concerns or give hard feedback.

Vulnerability that Inspires Trust

Leading with vulnerability in situations where the path is unclear while building trusting relationships and creating a culture focused on grappling with challenges together.

High Standards

Disrupting the myth that equity and inclusion are lowering standards, and connecting people with a shared purpose to create repeated actions that support a clear goal.

All of the content, structures, and routines we offer are intentionally centered around these three elements.

Experiences we can create and facilitate:

  • Company retreats
  • Workshops
  • Interactive presentations
  • Professional development experiences
  • Think tank sessions
We’ll collaboratively plan and implement your sessions and offer creative and nurturing spaces for working and growing together.