Who We Are

Our work is human work. We revitalize organizational ecosystems by digging into cultures, holding up a mirror to their values, reframing diversity and difference, and helping everyone manage and leverage their difference. We know that when you meet the needs of your most marginalized people, you meet the needs of all your people–for their growth, creativity, productivity, health, and humanity. And we know that opportunity lies in people, not positions.

Jennifer McClanahan


Jennifer is an experienced facilitator, coach, and leader in organizational and leadership transformation.

Leverage To Lead
Leverage To Lead

Dione Lee

Chief Financial Officer

Dione leads annual budgeting, financial planning, financial reporting, and accounting at Leverage to Lead.

Kendall Roberts

Program Manager, Learning & Development

Kendall manages our Human-Centered Practices Certification Program. Alongside our Learning & Development team, she uses her experience in counseling, facilitation, curriculum development, and program management to train and certify facilitators to present Leverage to Lead workshops to colleagues in their organizations.

photo of kendall roberts
Leverage To Lead

Kim Ho

Chief Human Resources and Impact Officer

Kim helps employees and organizations create equitable and inclusive HR strategies, policies, and procedures.

Melody Gee

Director of Communications & Marketing
Melody designs strategies and creates content for Leverage to Lead’s diverse audiences.

Leverage To Lead
Leverage To Lead

MJ Mathis

Managing  Director of Learning & Development

MJ creates learning experiences that are human-centered and nurturing containers for growth and change, as well as providing one-on-one processing sessions, career strategy and advisement, and support for understanding white identity (for white identifying folks).

Nick Obando

Program Manager, Learning and Development

Nick builds deep and meaningful relationships and guides equity-focused conversations that allow for growth and learning.

Leverage To Lead