Here’s How It’s Done – Getting the Career You Want

Aug 13, 2015 | All Blogs, Career, Connection

She had a serious stretch goal to bring in over seven figures in revenue in one year at her new firm. She did it in nine months! Yep, she knocked it out of the ball park. She gave a lot of credit to my coaching, which I appreciated, but she did the heavy lifting. How did she do it?


She was ambitious and didn’t apologize for it. She knew what she wanted; she just needed to figure out how to do it. Our work together didn’t consist of me constantly pumping her up or pulling her along. I helped her focus her drive and mindset to get the results she wanted


She made decisions. She didn’t waffle and ask a ton of other people what they thought. She made a decision, and then moved right to action. In fact, she was referred to me by another one of my clients. She was impressed by my client’s success, and was ready to build her own successful career. We spoke on the phone, she signed up to work with me on the spot, and we started working together the next week.


She did every assignment I gave her. She made the best use of our strategy sessions, because she was prepared. This enabled me to put constructive thought into each coming session and make sure that we continued to move forward.

Our first goal was for her to get a job at a new firm in order to position herself for partnership. She tackled the interview process with an intensity I rarely see. She was able to meet with firms, negotiate her salary and get hired with in the first few weeks of our engagement. This left us plenty of time to build her revenue generating strategy.

Most importantly, she never gave up, even when some steps didn’t work. She learned from any set backs she experienced, and kept moving forward.


Now she worked hard to hit her target but she didn’t work day and night forsaking her family. Why? She didn’t try to accomplish her goals on her own. She reached out to her network, she drew on the experience of mentors, and she let people know what she needed. When they offered help, she graciously accepted.

Ultimately, hitting her goal gave her options. She now has choices about where she wants to work and with whom. I immensely respect what she accomplished and share this experience to show you that when you combine clarity with drive, determination and resourcefulness you can create the career you want.

She wasn’t lucky, she was determined. She mastered the art of creating opportunity and never hesitated to take it. There was a bit of risk, but she learned to be comfortable betting on herself.

What could you accomplish if you set your mind to it? Let me help you find out.

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