Leadership Coaching

Career Strategy & Advisement

At Leverage to Lead, our aim is to coach leaders toward the most authentic version of their future selves. We use a strengths-based approach that helps leaders combine their substantial skills and expertise with the qualities that make them stand out, and then leverage their difference for unlimited career success.

This process enables you to build clarity and a strategy that helps manage your future with anticipation rather than apprehension and to create a plan to navigate through uncertain times.

We help leaders build a career narrative that conveys their value, partnering to:

  • Help strategically navigate your socialization and liberation (agency). We illustrate the impact of socialization on your identity, along with the strengths that stem from your identity despite and because of your socialization.
  • Help you gain and leverage hope to build capacity to fail, learn, and excel.
  • Offer practical remedies and antidotes to manage the challenges of our socialization as you explore and navigate your agency.
  • Help you build a narrative that supports the vision of the person you are becoming.
  • Building self-compassion and empathy by gently holding your humanity and the humanity of others.

“I loved one-on-one processing sessions with MJ. We started every conversation acknowledging that this is long-term work and that we wouldn’t solve everything in one session. But by the end of the hour, she had taken some very complex issues and helped me move forward.

She challenged me to see where I did and didn’t have the power to make a change, and to be vulnerable in expressing what I need. Going forward, I plan to be an example of what I’ve learned, to be the change myself, and to share with others that if you see the human side first, we can do great work together.”

Sara Olson

Senior Paralegal, Outten & Golden LLP

Monthly Mentoring

As partners in achieving your goal, each month you will receive the support, ideas, and strategies to make the decisions that align with the values of equity and inclusion. On a month-to-month basis, we will cultivate and implement the strategy, practices, and habits that move your career forward. We’ll continue to partner as you stretch towards your goals.

Human-Centered Practices for Executives

At Leverage to Lead, we help women and people of color build dynamic corporate careers. But change cannot be left entirely to individual employees; it must also be forged in an organization’s policies and leadership practices. We consult with organizations committed to cultivating diversity and building teams that reflect a range of ages, religions, experiences, nationalities, ethnicities, and gender identities.

We help you develop the strategic leadership necessary to examine your culture and values, refine policies and practices to support equity and invest in your teams’ personal and professional development.

Four Steps to Preparing to Lead with Human-Centered Practices

We champion your growth and ambitions as you build autonomy and creativity—the keys to a truly fulfilling career. We help you fully understand and present your value, align with your career goals, and match with the opportunity or company where you will thrive. We can help you:

  • Expand Human-Centered Practices to understand the issues around difference, racism, and systemic oppression.
  • Build your inner agility to interrupt patterns of discrimination and bias.
  • Leverage the values, imagination, and creativity that change structures, rules, philosophies, and assumptions.
  • Practice equity-focused conversations to give voice to those with less power, build trust through vulnerability, and create shared purpose.

What all coaching clients receive each month

Two (2) Strategy and Implementation Sessions.

Each month, you join two 60-minute private calls with your coach. These pre-scheduled strategy sessions are when we work on goals, ideas, and systems to align your next steps with your vision and drive. We talk, listen, strategize, and get clear on the results you want to achieve.

Reach Out coaching calls for support to help when the unexpected happens.

These coaching calls are for moments that cannot wait. As you start getting clear and making changes, you may experience intense challenges. You might find yourself in an unfamiliar situation and need clarity about how to handle it best. Use these calls to get coaching in the moment.

Email access for questions or check-ins.

While we don’t coach via email, we will be available to answer a quick question or check in as needed. We do not provide coaching advice via text messages.