What We Do

Organizational Change


Getting to know each other

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Organizational Strategy & Advisement

Create a strategy and vision for organizational change, including priorities, timeline, and recommended approach, through one-on-one and group conversations.

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Making the invisible visible

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Building & Expanding Cultural Competency

A professional and personal development process that increases interpersonal skills and is essential to any organization’s cultural change.

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Values Exploration and Excavation

Identify the values and behaviors currently functioning within your organization, and how they impact your culture.

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Committing to the future of equitable work

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Operationalize Your Values

Commit to values and build values-aligned policies, practices, programs, and HR systems and structures for lasting impact on individuals, teams, and your organization’s entire ecosystem.

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Cultural Competency Certification & Licensing

We train and certify your employees to facilitate our cultural competency program and accelerate transformation across your organization.

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Values-Aligned Leadership

Identifying the values-aligned behaviors that will support leaders’ vision for their role in the organization’s transformation.

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Values Evolution

Collaboratively revisiting and revising your organization’s values to support your continued growth and transformation.

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Other Offerings

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Workshop Development & Facilitation

Company retreats, professional development experiences, interactive presentations, and thought partnership.

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Speaking Engagements

Our team is experienced in presenting on panels, presenting keynotes, and participating in interviews and podcasts.

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Talent Advisement

We partner with you to develop and lead a values aligned process that will source candidates who are ready to lead, innovate, and meet challenges.

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Leadership Coaching

One-on-one values-aligned, strengths-based support for your personal and professional development.

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