Operationalize Your Values

Your organization’s cultural transformation requires that everyone understands and lives your values.

Our work helps cultivate partnership, accountability, and a framework for the actual behaviors you want to see across your organization, all of which help people commit to values that support your company’s culture.

Partnership matters to us because we know from experience that being in relationship with others is key to thriving people and organizations.

To create a plan and put your values into action, we help you prioritize areas that have the deepest impact on your culture and address other systemic changes. We often recommend starting with Human Resource processes, which are at the heart of supporting employees.

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Some areas we can help you with:

Values-Aligned Leadership Training

Values-Aligned Leadership training equips leaders across the organization to support the cultural change and values to which the organization has committed. Typically, this training offers continuous support to new leaders in your organization.

Human Resources Systems and Processes

  • Values-aligned job descriptions
  • Hiring process and assessing hiring process needs
  • Interview process
  • Interview training
  • Onboarding
  • Performance evaluation processes
  • Performance management training
  • Compensation structures, systems, and philosophy
  • Human resources policies
  • Succession planning

DEI Committees/Task Forces

  • Creating committee mission and goals, including articulating how participation takes care of members
  • Design supportive and nurturing meeting structures
  • Defining members’ roles and responsibilities
  • Building committee recruitment and succession plans
  • Developing supportive and nurturing meeting structures and schedules
  • Finalizing your Values and Statement
  • Building plans to socialize and operationalize your Values Statement.
    • Collaborating with leaders and managers to develop strategies to operationalize values within programs and departments
  • Model the company values in how the committee works together
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