Talent Advisement

We partner with organizations seeking to hire and individuals seeking opportunities. Together, we build processes to help with any part of the hiring process from recruitment to offer. We’ve placed talent at various levels, including Associate, Manager, Director, Coordinator, and Executive.

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For Organizations

Leverage to Lead’s Talent Advisement approach is tailored for your organization’s search needs, values, and strategic goals. We help ensure that the recruiting and hiring systems and processes across your organization are values-aligned.

We offer:

    • Values-aligned job descriptions
    • Hiring processes and assessing hiring process needs, including:
        • Job postings
        • Screening candidates
        • The interview process
        • Developing interview questions
        • Facilitating interviews
        • Debriefing candidates
    • Interview training to prepare interviewers to proceed with awareness of biases
    • Onboarding

For Candidates

We champion your growth and ambitions as you build autonomy and creativity—the keys to a truly fulfilling career. We help you fully understand and present your value, align with your career goals, and match with the opportunity or company where you will thrive. We can help you:

  • Review and strengthen your resume
  • Prepare for the interview
  • Reflect and grow with coaching and mentoring
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