Values Evolution

The evolution of your organization is a normal and exciting process. Who you were one year ago may be vastly different than today.

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What are some of the factors that could be contributing to these changes?

  • Change in leadership
  • Growth in number of employees
  • Mass layoffs
  • New services offered

If you have already established your values, you may notice they don’t seem as woven in the culture as they once were. Perhaps employees used to center the company’s values but now don’t seem as connected to them. A values evolution can support you through this.

What is the values evolution process?

  • Asses the current values and how they are functioning
  • Determine what values still resonate and what may be missing
  • Co-create new values which center equity and inclusion and are relevant to your current culture
  • Create a strategy to operationalize the new values

It’s important that employees continue to feel connected to your company’s values. By committing to a values evolution, you are embracing change and modeling the fact that equity and inclusion are not static, rather dynamic values we continue to co-create.

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