Discovery: Organizational Strategy and Advisement

We begin every partnership by getting to know each other–listening, observing, and reflecting–to build an understanding of your organization.

Through a series of one-on-one and group meetings with your leaders, we learn about your goals, experiences, needs, and challenges. We share about Leverage to Lead’s approach and philosophy, and about who we are and how we work. Through these meetings, we build relationships and trust.

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Strategy and Advisement Session

This work leads to our Strategy and Advisement session, which can include any members of your leadership or core team. In the session, we reflect on what we’ve learned and what we’ve observed, offering a summary of your team’s individual and shared pain points, dynamics, values, strengths, and growth areas.

With this information, we make recommendations for a way forward as we co-create an equitable and inclusive workplace where diversity can thrive. We build a comprehensive strategy for our continued partnership that includes priorities, approaches, topics, and timelines.