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Accelerate Your Cultural Transformation

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Certify Facilitators to Train Your Whole Team

Leverage to Lead trains and certifies facilitators within your organization in Human-Centered Practices, including Identity & Deep Listening, Power Dynamics & Co-Creating Equity, and Exploring Emotion & Inner Agility. Once certified, your facilitators can train colleagues throughout your organization.

Certifying multiple facilitators will increase the number of workshops you can hold within a shorter period. For comparison, a Leverage to Lead facilitator can train 25 people at a time, while 8 Certified Facilitators in your organization can train 200 people at a time.

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Why Certify Your Own Employees?

Internal facilitators can hold workshops on your schedule, using your preferred meeting location or platform, all while holding your organization’s institutional and cultural knowledge.

At every step, facilitators receive Leverage to Lead support, access to a library of learning materials, and membership in a diverse Facilitators’ Community of Practice for the duration of their certification.

“At Google, innovation is important. By creating psychological safety for our teams through the Leverage to Lead training and certification program, we create spaces for them to speak up, share ideas, and take risks. It isn’t just professional development, it’s directly supporting and aligning with our organization-wide values.”

Seema Daryanani

Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion CORE, Google

Organizational Benefits of Human-Centered Practices

  • Stronger teams and relationships
  • Enhanced connection between employees and leadership
  • A deeper sense of belonging within your organization
  • Personal and professional growth in emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills
  • Increased capacity to normalize and work through discomfort
  • Establishing a shared vocabulary to surface multiple perspectives
  • Lasting organizational change through relationships and responsibility
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    Certification Program Structure

    Experience, Reflect, Practice, Implement

    Attend virtual training sessions with a Leverage to Lead instructor. Experience the Human-Centered Practices training and learn to facilitate the materials with others.

    Level 1: Identity & Deep Listening

    Level 2: Power & Co-Creating Equity in Relationships

    Level 3: Emotions & Inner Agility (2 parts)

    Individual Sessions

    Within each level, attend 1:1 processing sessions with an instructor for individual questions, needs, and coaching.

    Community of Practice

    Meet regularly with a supportive cohort of fellow facilitators to share and grow together.

     Ongoing Support as You Facilitate

    Access to online materials, including fully developed workshop guides, slide decks, scripts, and reflections to help you facilitate with confidence; check-ins with your instructor; and notification of updated and revised materials.

    We are excited to help every member of your organization understand, commit to, and live out your values. Every day, we see sustainable organizational change through Human-Centered Practices—relationships, responsibility, and partnership.

    Contact our team to begin planning and scheduling your certification trainings.

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