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Mar 22, 2024 | About L2L, All Blogs, Structure, Thinking

Welcome to the first in our series of reflecting on the blog articles we write as a team. Our aim is for individual team members to share more personally about our topic, digging into their experiences and processes to give an inside view of the work. First up is Nick Obando, Program Manager. Read the blog article, “We’re Thinking of You”.

Nick Obando in front of windows

Nick Obando

Program Manager

I use stories to help clients feel compassion for themselves, feel less alone, and give them the benefit of the time I’ve had to process a challenge.

If you’ve seen this week’s blog article, you know how often and how deeply we’re thinking about our clients. When I’m facilitating sessions or learning blocks with clients, I’m usually asking myself three essential questions.

The first is, What am I seeing?

I’m listening to clients’ stories while also noticing their emotions, levels of engagement, comfort and discomfort, and hearing what they want and what’s missing for them. I’m trying to observe without judgment or assumptions.

From there, I ask, What would resonate at this moment?

As I notice what’s happening with a client, I reach for examples and personal experiences that can help them through a challenging moment. I surface the topic or issue I’m seeing and connect it to a story.

I like how stories illustrate a complex issue, but they serve a bigger purpose too. With a story, I can reflect on what I gained from a past experience, which is usually a wider angle on a topic–a better understanding of myself, a dynamic, or a behavior’s impact.

Essentially, I use stories to help clients feel compassion for themselves, feel less alone, and give them the benefit of the time I’ve had to process a challenge.

One reason I’m able to do what I just described is that Leverage to Lead is committed to disrupting urgency. We know difficult topics and conversations require time to build relationships and to think together.

Finally, I’m always thinking, How am I showing up?

When I’m with a client, I really am thinking about how my behaviors are helping build the relationship or not. I’m pushing myself to see how I’m holding a necessary standard, displaying vulnerability that builds trust, and staying inside my values.

I’ve loved sharing this view into facilitation with you. We dig into all this and much more throughout our ANCHOR Certification Program as facilitators grow in their skills and experience. If you’re interested in what our facilitation training looks like, please reach out any time.

– Nick

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